Education Bridge

Transforming communities through education.

The Problem

Education Bridge is a nonprofit organization that believe in empowering youth through education to bring about positive change in their communities. We build schools equip to educate a generation of peacemakers and transformational leaders. We do this through our specific curricula and ethnic integration where ethnic conflict is a threat to sustainable peace. We believe that a less stereotypical world can be created through exposure, dialogue and building of cross border, cross ethnic relationships. Schools provide a conducive space for doing that, in addition to providing tradition academic subjects.

In a nutshell, we are creating more compassionate and peaceful communities through education, particular targeting young people.

The Solution

One of our current project is Greenbelt Academy, a secondary based in Bor, South Sudan. Greenbelt Academy opened in 2017 with 200 students and current serve 315 students. Our mission is to educate a generation of peacemakers and transformational leaders. Greenbelt Academy bring students from different ethnic communities around Bor with the objectives of increasing interactions and breaking ethnic stereotypes which perpatuate the current conflict that has engulfed the country. We have a conflict transformational and leadership curriculum that we are using to facilitate this process as well as develop our young people for the leadership roles that await them. We sincerely believe that th eproblem of South Sudan is not a problem of resources. It is rather a problem of leadership and illiteracy. That we are dedicated to changing.

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
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Education Bridge

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