Restoring Dignity

Restoring Dignity



Restoring Dignity

14 year-olds tackling homelessness by building tiny homes.

The Problem

In America, over half a million people are homeless. Slightly more than ⅓ of them live in their cars or under bridges. As more tents go up across San Diego, more San Diegans are talking about homelessness – and many of the same myths keep circulating. We’ve all heard them: Most homeless folks are mentally ill. They don’t want our help. They’re moving here in droves. None of those statements is entirely true. But perhaps they serve a purpose. All are convenient crutches that make it easier to avoid confronting the hard work necessary to aid the homeless, especially those who seem hardest to reach.

The Solution

Through human centered design we have learned that what people who are struggling with homelessness need most is, a home. Our tiny house project will do that. We are a group of 54 9th graders with big ideas and even bigger plans. We have partnered with Treecycling Inc. who are paving the way to an affordable and environmentally sustainable means of providing shelter to those who lack it. Their design utilizes more of the tree by getting two modular pieces, rather than the typical 2x4’ that a lumber mill would produce. Thereby making more homes with less trees. Churches and parking lots around San Diego are allowing us to place tiny homes on their property. Please help us continue building more homes and Restoring Dignity.

Stage of Development


Organization to Receive Funds

High Tech High Chula Vista & Treecycling Inc.

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