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September 2018


In September, the Shared Nation community will support organizations that are working to increase democratic participation and civic engagement. This includes organizations that are involving more people in the democratic process, enhancing the voice of the people via new voting methods and making representative institutions more reliable, accountable and fair.

Voting Opens September 1st
October 2018

Relationship Violence

In October, the Shared Nation community will support organizations that are working to prevent relationship and domestic violence.

November 2018


A crowdsourced round where we support any organization working in the social sector to improve our world.


We could purchase 10,000,000 acres in the Amazon forest for conservation.

We could provide safe drinking water to every human on the planet.

We could buy out one of the world's most destructive corporations.

Shared Nation is a platform for that power.

We are an organized community of changemakers who combine our
time and money to fund solutions that can solve big problems fast.


- 1 -

Join the nation by contributing $2 per month to our shared pool.Debate the pros and cons of the projects vying for the group's funds in this round.

- 2-

Select your favorite projects and vote for those you think will have the biggest impact to help select this month's winning organization.

- 3 -

Follow along as we track the progress of the winner, and tell us the topic you'd like us to tackle next!

Which actions do we take?

And what solutions do we support?

Homepage Product Focus
  • Simple Voting

    As a nation, it’s our job to decide which solutions to support through rounds of voting, designed to let everyone weigh in.

  • Innovative Technology

    Our innovative technology allows us to make smart decisions between hundreds of choices in a matter of days.

What Citizens Are Saying

Shared Nation has created this fun, friendly, informative model that let's me participate in initiatives that I would never otherwise hear about, interact with people I would never have found and contribute in ways beyond (and including!) the dollars I spend. I love that even the initiatives that don't "win" now have exposure and each initiative has the potential to spark imagination and creativity.

As this idea grows, the world will have more people with a deeper understanding of the issues and solutions out there for fixing global concerns. And through pooling our money, we are hopefully making a bigger impact than if we were all separately searching for ways to help.

This is a game-changer for how we come together to create impact. My contribution can only do so much. But if thousands of us, or a million of us (let's hold that vision, shall we?) all put in whatever we can, imagine the impact we could have!

We believe we have the power to make some serious change, but the question is, do you?