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We welcome organizations -- and members of Shared Nation -- to submit their work for consideration in upcoming Shared Nation voting rounds.

By entering your organization as a candidate for our funding, you should experience several benefits: All participating organizations get some small funding just for taking part; all organizations gain exposure to members of our community; and one winning organization will get more than 70% of the funds in our monthly pot.

Get Started

Submit Your Organization

  1. Fill out our short application form here.
  2. Within a week of submitting, one of our team members will reach out to confirm your application and request photos and perhaps additional information.

Nominate An Organization For Consideration

  1. Fill out our short application form here.
  2. Shared Nation will follow-up with you on the status of the project.

As a member of the Shared Nation community, you can nominate an organization for a round of funding. You can complete as much or as little of the form as you'd like. Shared Nation will work to complete the fields that you do not. Once there is a project page, Shared Nation will contact the organization and encourage them to join the round. If the organization asks to be removed from the round, we will do so. The organization may also request edits to the page, which we will likely accept in most cases. Shared Nation may make edits to your submission to address issues including: grammatical errors, tonal issues, or word choice.

Why Should You Submit?

  • A chance at winning 70% of our pooled funding for the month
  • A small amount of our pooled resources just for taking part - and more if you are selected as a quarter-finalist
  • Exposure to our community of activists who may independently donate or join your movement
  • Social media shout-outs
  • An opportunity to pressure test your marketing and messaging with a new audience
  • The enjoyment of participating in an experience that is new, different, and fun


  • Solutions must be associated with active nonprofits, for-profits, and/or educational institutions. Shared Nation cannot currently make donations to individuals.
  • Answers to the application questions must be in English and answers must be clear enough for non-experts to understand.
  • The deadline for submissions is the last day of the month, preceding the start of the round. 
  • Your project must be relevant to the round topic you apply for. Feel free to contact Shared Nation at team@sharednation.org if you are not sure or have any questions.
  • Previous round winners are prohibited from participating in the next three subsequent rounds
  • In order to receive any financial contribution from the Shared Nation community, participating organizations must create a Stripe account (unless one already exists for the organization) and authorize Shared Nation to make the transfer through Stripe. 
  • If your project is selected as a quarter-finalist, you will be asked to create a 20-30 second selfie video that promotes your work and submit it to the Shared Nation team before the semi-finals. Please prepare accordingly and let us know if you need information on how to make a short video of this kind.
    "Engaging with Shared Nation was hands down the best fundraising experience I have ever had!"

    As a new organization, our participation in the Shared Nation process provided us with a launching platform for Women Together - from the work we had to do upfront to define our program mission and messaging, to the visibility we received on the Shared Nation website and social media, to the funds themselves! Through the process of inviting our contacts to endorse and vote for Women Together, we created a network of interested folks who have now become a great community of support for our ongoing activities and fundraising."

    Anushri Anandaraja, Founder of Women Together

    Submission Form

    Use the form below to submit an organization. Keep in mind that your submission will form the foundation for your project page, which will be visible to a public audience. You are welcome to email us with changes to your page at any time.

    Alternatively, if you want to iterate on your answers before submitting, you could download this template and email your submission to team@sharednation.org.

    If you'd like to be connected to useful writing resources or examples of well-written profiles from prior rounds, please contact us at team@sharednation.org.

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