The Glass Capitol

Technology that can strengthen our democracies. 

The Problem

For all the data, news, analysis, and commentary we have access to in the Internet Age, it’s still too hard for the average person in the US to get information — and certainly unbiased information — about government and politics. Thanks to the increasing polarization of the US news media, journalists increasingly produce contradictory or inconsistent accounts of the same basic facts. Factor in the deliberate spreading of misinformation for political gain, and it’s little wonder the public is left confused and misled, and feeling disconnected from their elected representatives.

The Solution

The Glass Capitol is out to prove that "well designed technology can strengthen, not weaken democracies." The public data and media aggregator provides unbiased data on how government representatives are performing as well as a portal for constituents to communicate with them directly. The goal, as the name suggests, is to make the workings of government more transparent to the public. But it's also to lower the barrier to entry to our political discourse so that constituents can make their voices heard on the issues that matter to them. As the site puts it, "As America’s community lobbying platform we are invested in ensuring your elected official knows exactly what you want. As an advocate or concerned citizen it is your right to tell them."

Stage of Development

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The Glass Capitol

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