Poynter: International Fact Checking Network

Promoting excellence in fact-checking through best practices and exchanges.

The Problem

Fact-checking took on even more relevance in the coverage of the United States presidential election in 2016, during which the circulation of deceptive content on social media platforms became common and —in response — news organizations, technology companies and audiences mounted efforts to stop misinformation and spread reliable and verified information. But not all fact-checking is equal. Unsourced or biased fact-checking can actually increase distrust in the media and experts while diminishing public understanding.

The Solution

A unit of the Poynter Institute, IFCN was launched in September 2015 to bring together fact-checkers worldwide and support fact-checking initiatives by promoting best practices and exchanges. They monitor trends in fact-checking worldwide, promote basic standards through a “fact-checkers' code of principles,” track the impact of fact-checking, provide training and promote collaborative efforts, and advocate for more fact-checking, including through an annual International Fact-Checking Day. All this in support a vision of “nonpartisan and transparent fact-checking” that serves as “a powerful instrument of accountability journalism.”

Stage of Development

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