School of Thought

Teaching critical thinking skills — because the education system doesn’t

The Problem

We live in the most rapidly changing time in all of human history, and the need to teach kids how to think critically and independently has never been greater. But our education system doesn’t teach those skills adequately. That needs to change — but how? The system is so massive, so unwieldy, so resistant to change that it’s hard to see where to start.

The Solution

Instead of trying to “fix” the system from within, the School of Thought provides teachers and students with free education resources on critical thinking, creative thinking, and philosophy. As a “proof of concept,” they created a microsite that simply explained ‘logical fallacies’ (flaws in reasoning often used by politicians and the media to fool people). The site received millions of hits and is being used in schools around the country. A sister site tackles “cognitive biases” (flawed assumptions that skew our thinking). Projects in development (and seeking funding) are an interactive game that teaches logical fallacies and a timeline of the most interesting and influential ideas in history

Stage of Development

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