Andrew Goodman Foundation: Vote Everywhere

Fostering a generation of active and engaged citizens on campus to ensure a just, sustainable democracy.

The Problem

The new generation of eligible voters in the United States — diverse, dynamic, and more connected than ever before — has the potential to transform our society and our world for the better. And yet, young people aged 18-29, many of them students, are among the most underrepresented voter groups in the United States. Among the reasons: students face unique challenges when registering, voting, and participating in democracy. Among the major impediments they come up against are hard-to-get-to polling places and hard-to-obtain proof-of-residency documentation. They are expected to navigate an electoral process that is not designed not a first-time voter.

The Solution

Vote Everywhere is a national, non-partisan, civic engagement movement of student leaders and university partners. A project of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, the program trains and supports student activists, known as Ambassadors, while they work to register voters, bring down voting barriers, and tackle important social justice issues on their college campuses.The ultimate goal of the campaign, which to date is housed on 56 campuses across the United States, is to awaken and encourage a lifelong commitment to participatory democracy, fostering a cohort of active, engaged citizens who ensure a just democracy and sustainable future. “Our ability to spark their passion — today — will result in change, tomorrow.”

Stage of Development

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Organization to Receive Funds

Andrew Goodman Foundation

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