WoMin -- A women led alliance against destructive resource extraction

WoMin works to create an Africa that is post-extractivist, eco-just, and women-centered. 

The Problem

The world is in a moment of crisis. Many indigenous people and cultures are at the mercy of climate change and international corporations. Many women have found themselves vulnerable to a capitalistic system that celebrates overconsumption and economic greed. The negative externalities of this system mostly impact working class people and indigenous women in the global South. African villages have been especially impacted by corporate extractivism, a process of large-scale extraction and exploitation of natural resources. These corporations take advantage of natural resources -- oil, minerals, water, and forests -- without compensating the local villagers. In the process, these corporations often make the drinking water unsanitary for the villagers, and the villagers themselves have no access outside resources for recourse.

The Solution

WoMin, a grassroots organization, aims in the next five years to set up safeguards for the 12 most affected African countries of natural resource extraction. WoMin is focusing on four outcomes. Outcome 1: The impacted women will be empowered to defend their communities against the powerful corporate interests. Outcome 2: The impacted women will have greater knowledge of the extractives industries. Outcome 3: The human rights violations of these resource extraction organizations will be exposed. Outcome 4: There will be legislative reforms to provide minimum safeguards to the impacted women and their families.

Stage of Development

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