Strength of the Tides

Working to support, celebrate and empower women working on the water through representation, community, solidarity & accountability, and education because we believe the Strength of the Tides is Hers Also.

The Problem

Women's lives, bodies, and strengths are undervalued in today's culture. Strength of the Tides is simply a rebuttal of that idea. Women are joining maritime industries around the world, but they remain a minority of the population at work on the water and in organizing bodies that support these industries. Strength of the Tides believes that women on the water would benefit from the support of community and require the indubitable expectation of respect and safety to be most successful in their work.

The Solution

Founded by Elma Burnham, a “setnetter” in the Bristol Bay commercial fishing industry, Strength of the Tides works to support, celebrate and empower women working in maritime industries. The organization features a working water woman each week on Instagram, runs a private Facebook group to share resources, hosts community networking events and has plans to expand the education aspect of Strength of the Tides.

Additionally, Burnham has introduced a pledge asking every captain, crew, processor, biologist and fisheries stakeholder to support women in the fisheries and other maritime industries, stamp out any form of violence and discrimination against women, and commit to fair and equal pay. She writes, ”I want to make sure the women already kicking ass on the fishing grounds and those looking to get involved know their community has voiced a commitment to welcoming us, making room for us, respecting us."

Stage of Development

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Strength of the Tides

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