SHE Investments: Empower women entrepreneurs in Cambodia

SHE Investments: Empower women entrepreneurs in Cambodia



SHE Investments: Empower women entrepreneurs in Cambodia


SHE helps women business owners scale their operations to create social and economic impact for their local communities.

The Problem

Women run a majority of businesses in Cambodia, but most of them are micro-sized. Men, in comparison, own 82% of the small businesses and 72% of the medium sized businesses. The reasons for this divide are largely structural. Women in Cambodia lack access to professional training, mentorship, and financing.

The Solution

SHE supports women micro entrepreneurs by providing them with access to business information, training, mentoring and financing, to help them scale their enterprises and create impact through increased income for families and job creation. The average SHE graduate increases her monthly income by 40%, increases her family savings by 200%, and creates 2 new jobs for people in her community. By supporting SHE, you can provide a woman with a scholarship to participate in the 6-month SHE Incubator program, where she will receive 6-months of training, mentoring, and opportunities for financing. You can help to empower a woman to become a leader and create long-lasting change for herself, her family, and her community.

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