Save Our Monarchs: A campaign to save the beloved monarch butterfly

The Monarch is in trouble. Help us save our disappearing, butterflies.

The Problem

The iconic North American monarch butterfly is in substantial danger of becoming extinct. As much as 90% of the monarch population has disappeared in recent decades, and the beautiful creature may no longer fill North American skies in the next 20 years. The most significant threat to monarch populations has been a substantial loss of habitat — specifically a certain type of milkweed destroyed by herbicides.

The Solution

The Save Our Monarchs, a nonprofit organization, seeks to save the monarch by planting 100,000 milkweed plants over the next year along the migration pathways butterflies habitually travel. To achieve their aim, the organization gives away free milkweed seeds to anyone willing to plant them. Save Our Monarchs also utilizes a grassroots organizing approach, identifying volunteers all across the country as "monarch evangelists". Monarch evangelists work with local organizations to plant dozens of milkweed safe-zones throughout their community. They hope to safely return the Monarch Butterfly population to normal levels within the next five to six years.

Stage of Development

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Save Our Monarchs

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