Ocean Energy Turbines: A limitless supply of clean, renewable energy

A technology to harness the power of ocean currents to provide a clean and limitless source of renewable energy

The Problem

More than 80% of our electric power production throughout the world originates from fossil fuel plants. With climate change and the increasing demand for electricity, clean alternatives are needed. There is enormous energy under the ocean, but humans haven’t made much progress in harnessing it.

The Solution

Crowd Energy aims to lead the development of clean and safe ocean wave energy. After eight years of research and design, Crowd Energy has created one of the world’s first viable ocean energy turbines. Crowd Energy's turbines are designed to be located at ocean depths of 300 feet (91 meters) or more. Subsea power cables connect the turbines to shore based power grids. An individual Crowd Energy turbine can produce enough energy to power approximately 4,500 homes.

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
  • Other

Organization to Receive Funds

Crowd Energy is still working on its prototype, and it could use financial backing to work on the kinks and make the product more viable in a very competitive energy market. Crowd Energy's stated aim is to produce 13.5 megawatts of energy per hour per turbine. If their turbines were to reach such a standard, then a single turbine would be capable of powering 4,450 homes by itself.

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