Hot Bread Kitchen: Bakers in Training Program

Hot Bread Kitchen: Bakers in Training Program



Hot Bread Kitchen: Bakers in Training Program

Bakers in training is a intensive and paid training program for women facing economic insecurity.

The Problem

The majority of immigrants to the United States - 51% - are women, but despite being in the majority, they often face more obstacles in establishing careers in the United States. There are a number of factors that come into play (including family responsibilities, social isolation, fear of exploitative, etc), but with enough support, these roadblocks are surmountable.

The Solution

Hot Bread Kitchen created the "Bakers in Training" to help immigrant women create a new life for themselves. Bakers in Training is is a six month, paid training program that provides orientation to the world of artisan bread baking. In addition to teaching the skills needed to be a professional baker, Bakers in Training also provides English as a second language courses and basic mathematics and science training. Finally, Bakers in Training helps to place 100% of its graduates in full-time, fair wage positions with opportunities for career advancement.

Stage of Development


Organization to Receive Funds

The Bakers in Training program at Hot Bread Kitchen.

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