Free the Tampons: A campaign to make tampons freely accessible in restrooms outside the home

Toilet paper is freely available outside the home, why can't tampons be as well? 

The Problem

Most sanitary products - such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels - are provided at no cost outside the home. These things are considered necessary for clean and sanitary public places. Tampons - on the other hand - tend to come at a cost ($0.25 - $1.25 a piece) when they are available at all. 86% of women have reported that they have started their period in public without having the necessary sanitary supplies that they need.

The Solution

Free the Tampons is on a mission to create a world where tampons are freely accessible in public spaces outside of home. They recently played an essential role in making New York City the first in the nation to ensure access to menstrual pads in public schools, shelters, and correctional facilities. Free the Tampons plans to build off this success and spread the movement to even more cities in the United States in the near future.

Stage of Development

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Free the Tampons

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