Goals for Girls: Girls Helping Girls Through Soccer

Goals for Girls: Girls Helping Girls Through Soccer


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Goals for Girls: Girls Helping Girls Through Soccer

Goals for Girls brings together disadvantaged girls from around the world so that they can support one another through cultural exchange, service, and soccer. 

The Problem

Gender discrimination is still very rampant in the world today. According to the United Nations, 70% of out-of-school youth are girls. Sports can be a powerful mechanism for keeping kids in school, and sports programs generally have been powerful tools in turning the tide of gender discrimination. But to this day, too many girls in developing countries don't have access to organized sports.

The Solution

Goals for Girls helps young, disadvantaged women from all over the world come together through soccer to break down the cultural and socio-economic barriers that keep them apart. The Goals for Girls experience provides each of its girls with an array of perspectives and challenges that exist outside their own experience. Goals for Girls offers free programming to improve girls athletic, communication, and leadership skills.

Stage of Development


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Goals for Girls

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