Circle Of Women: Mobilizing people to provide access to education for girls without it.

Circle of Women works with communities eager to increase girls’ access to secondary school. They've recently launched Project 130 to work towards schooling all 130 millions girls who are without schooling. 

The Problem

Globally, there are 130 million children out-of-school who shouldn't be. 78 million of these children are from countries fraught with conflict, poverty, or political unrest. Girls are disproportionally affected in part because poverty affects the attendance of girls more so than boys. Also, some cultural traditions do not value providing girls with access to learning environments. In extreme cases, there are simply no schools for girls to go to, even if they wanted to continue onward with their education.

The Solution

Circle of Women's Project 130 is working to ensure that every girl in every country has access to twelve years of free, safe, and high-quality education. The number 130 was chosen because that is the average amount of money in USD that is needed to provide one girl with a year of education. (Coincidentally, there are also 130 million girls out of school). Just think: with $1,000, Shared Nation could provide seven girls with a full year of education.

Stage of Development

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  • Scaling
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Organization to Receive Funds

Circle of Women

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