Women for Afghan Women (WAW): Grassroots organization fighting for Afghan Women Rising in New York!

Protecting the rights of more than 1000 Afghan-American and Afghan immigrant women, children, refugees, and families every year.

The Problem

When WAW started in 2003, we discovered that Afghans in NY face the same problems as their sisters in Afghanistan. Harmful social practices have ingrained a culture of domestic violence in most households. And 40 years of war (that continues to this day) have left majority of Afghans illiterate and living in extreme poverty. 90% of women who come to WAW cannot read or write even in their own language. They are left isolated, with no access to public benefits. Since the election, Afghans have faced an increase of discrimation incidents and fear.

The Solution

Through our New York Community Center, WAW provides life-saving programs and stays with each woman and child until they can stand on their own, providing them with everything they need so they can live free from violence and abuse—from providing them access to public assistance, to legal support, domestic violence support, English classes, afterschool and leadership programs, and healing circles. WAW is now a lifeline and second home to the Afghan community in NY. Your support will ensure WAW continues to serve everyone who comes to our center.

Stage of Development

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Women for Afghan Women (WAW)

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