Union Capital Boston: Community Collaborative Upkeep

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The Problem

Although Boston is one of the nation's wealthiest cities, poised to become the Silicon valley of the East Coast, it still persists in having higher poverty levels than the national average. Top-down, organization-centric methods have not been proven to work to alleviate poverty, yet Boston has a large and disconnected third sector. As Boston becomes more attractive to young professionals, its longtime residents will continue to be gentrified out of their homes- thus perhaps perversely alleviating Boston of its poverty problem, but leaving it with a very large debt of injustice.

The Solution

We have a community space open to all residents of Boston- we function as a free open workspace, a la WeWork or other shared coworking spaces. By being able to utilize space, community members are able to attract resources- capital, volunteers, and feedback on their ideas. By equipping local leaders in this way, we are decentralizing and disrupting the status quo in Boston. The families who live in poverty here will be able to create their own pathways out.

Stage of Development

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Union Capital Boston

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