Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion to advance the global sustainable seafood movement.

The Problem

The global dialogue around the sustainability and social responsibility of seafood is dominated by voices and perspectives from the global north. Meanwhile, the impacts of over-exploitation, unfair labor practices, and destructive fishing and farming activities are felt by everyone, particularly those from under-represented and under-resourced regions. Diversifying the movement to engage those most impacted by unsustainable practices in the seafood industry is critical to giving people a voice and finding solutions.

The Solution

SeaWeb’s Seafood Summit Scholars Program provides financial and professional development support to individuals from under-represented regions and stakeholder groups to enable them to attend the International SeaWeb Seafood Summit where they can contribute to and learn from their peers in the sustainable seafood community. The program works to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the broader seafood community by providing an opportunity for Scholars to share their unique insight, innovations and perspectives and broaden their professional knowledge and networks.

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
  • Other

Organization to Receive Funds

SeaWeb (a project of The Ocean Foundation)

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