Nebula Innovations: Help us aid Filipino farmers augment food security

We're building aquaponic facilities all over Philippines to enhance disaster and climate resilience.

The Problem

This modular aquaponic farm, once finished, will help the locals who's been living here benefit from the crops yields and the fish that will be produced by the system and also provide us with further research data on on topics like food security and climate resiliency, knowing that Philippines is very susceptible to earthquakes and typhoons because of its geographical location along the Pacific region near the Equator.

The Solution

If chosen, we will use the funds to further our campaigns and build more farms like these starting in Luzon, Philippines, the rice capital of the Philippines in an attempt to test produce urban-grown, vertically farmed rice (specifically PSB Rc10 variant, a drought-tolerant rice which matures as fast as 106 days with a maximum yield of 7.5 tons per hectare) and fish, specifically Nile Tilapia. These vertical farms would only not ensure food security and revolutionize food production here in Philippines, but would be a great help to the 12-million Filipinos who's currently living in extreme poverty.

We are currently working with different individuals and companies who are looking for corporate social responsibility that would be interested with our sustainability projects and we are still looking for people that could help us construct these vertical farms as soon as possible.

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
  • Other

Organization to Receive Funds

Nebula Innovations

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