Kids in Tech: Afterschool tech club program

We partner with schools and youth servings organizations to provide hands-on learning projects in technology for kids ages 8-14.

The Problem

Small and mid-sized cities offer a number of benefits to attract companies but lack the educational infrastructure to guarantee that those companies have access to a pool of skilled workers. As technology becomes more integral to our lives and our economy, the demand for workers with STEM skills will continue to rise. Companies are already struggling to find candidates with the right skills for these jobs, and the gap will only get wider. For every college graduate holding an associate's degree or certificate in computer science, there are 6 open jobs. For a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree, that number rises to 17 open jobs.

School systems typically do not have the infrastructure to provide adequate STEM education, to meet these workforce needs. We are working to increase STEM learning opportunities for youth, particularly for girls, minorities, and low-income students in mid-sized cities that are becoming increasingly popular for technology sector company operations. This is a direct result of the high cost of doing business in large cities. In mid-sized cities, costs of doing business such as purchasing or renting property are much more affordable. Additionally, salaries can be more modest, because of lower costs of living incurred by employees at all levels of the organization. Kids in Tech is focusing on educating children in mid-sized cities to meet the future demand for a skilled STEM workforce.

The Solution

Our after-school program partners with schools and youth development organizations to provide technology education to children ages 8-14. We recruit qualified educators and volunteers, perform interviews and background checks, and train them in our project-based computer technology curriculum. This pair is then matched with staff liaisons with local schools or community organizations where they conduct courses ranging from typing to filmmaking to coding. These courses are held once or twice a week and culminate in a final project presentation in which students showcase the skills they have learned. During the course, students go on field trips to local business and colleges to meet people pursuing or working in computer and technology jobs.

Stage of Development

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Organization to Receive Funds

Kids in Tech, Inc.

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