Jubilee Women's Center

Jubilee Women’s Center supports women experiencing poverty to build stable and fulfilling futures, one extraordinary woman at a time. Led by the guiding principle that women of all races and cultures are to be treated with respect and dignity, Jubilee provides programs and services that empower women to make positive life changes.

The Problem

Women who call Jubilee home have dealt with poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, incarceration, mental health issues, physical health challenges, or difficulty accessing living wage employment—often a combination of all these. More than half of our residents are domestic abuse survivors.

Women in abusive relationships often have no where to go --they feel vulnerable and at risk, as they can't find safety. They may grow dependent on their abusive partner, both emotionally and financially. This makes it extremely challenging for them to make choices that lead them to safety, success and happiness. Their vulnerability makes it hard to escape the dangerous abuse. While they can turn to homeless shelters, they often don't provide the resources and care necessary for them heal from trauma. For these women to alter their lives for the better, they need this support; to build relationships, find stability in a job and not use addictive substances. Additionally, homeless shelters with men can often increase the anxiety of a person in recovery --a constant fear of abuse still remains. The lack of options often pushed women to stay in dangerous relationships.

The Solution

Jubilee Women’s Center opened its doors in 1983 to offer Seattle-area women experiencing poverty and homelessness an alternative to emergency shelters. Jubilee’s transitional residential program gave women the time and support to stabilize, heal, and make positive life changes so they could reclaim their self-sufficiency. Today, Jubilee’s program serves approximately 60 women each year with affordable community housing, holistic support services, on-site care managers, and a focus on employment preparation to advance each woman on her path out of poverty. Jubilee serves an additional 2,000 low-income women with free referrals, job and life skills classes, clothing boutique, and computer lab.

Stage of Development

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Jubilee Women's Center

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