Save the Arctic

A movement to shut down the Arctic oil frontier. 

The Problem

The Arctic is a unique and vulnerable environment. As well as being home to indigenous communities and many rare species, the region plays a critical role in keeping the entire world cool as its sea ice reflects sunlight out to the atmosphere. But the Arctic is under threat — from climate change, from oil drilling, from industrial fishing, and from shipping, which will only increase as Arctic sea ice continues to melt and retreat due to rising global temperatures. With more fishing, drilling, and shipping come greater threats of oil spills, pollution, and underwater noise, invasive species, overfishing, habitat damage, and of course climate change.

The Solution

The mission of Save the Arctic is to protect the region from further destruction and save the Earth from further global warming. The organization, a project of Greenpeace, pressures politicians to enact laws and policies limiting activities that harm the Arctic; conducts research into the state of the area and the impact of drilling, shipping, fishing, and climate change; runs campaigns to raise awareness of the plight of the Arctic and why it should matter to all of us; and takes companies to court to prevent Arctic drilling. And it seeks to mobilize millions of people around the world ready to make their voices heard in defense of the Arctic.

Stage of Development

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Save the Arctic

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