Mote Marine Laboratory

Mission: The advancement of marine and environmental sciences through scientific research, education and public outreach, leading to new discoveries, revitalization and sustainability of our oceans and greater public understanding of our marine resources.

The Problem

With the growing challenges our oceans face today, Mote is working diligently to address these pressing needs through marine science research, conservation and public education. Examples of the challenges Mote is addressing include the decline in coral reef systems, depleted fisheries, major oil spills, threats to marine wildlife as well as the need for local sustainable seafood farming and the need for new cancer therapies and infection-fighting substances, which may come from the sea.

The Solution

For over six decades, Mote Marine Laboratory (Mote) has been enabling world-class scientists to address the grand challenges facing our oceans. Our research spans topics such as finding innovative ways to restore coral reefs in our lifetime, investigating new cancer- and infection-fighting substances from the sea, sustaining wild fisheries and working to decrease the country’s dependency on seafood imports by promoting sustainable aquaculture. Mote scientists are also working to uncover threats to sharks, turtles and other imperiled marine animals, and rescue and rehabilitate dolphins, small whales and sea turtles. Mote also presents a variety of structured and informal science education programs, and Mote Aquarium builds ocean literacy and environmental awareness. Together, Mote research, education, Aquarium and hospital programs address environmental issues of international concern, adding to scientific knowledge of the oceans on a global scale.

Stage of Development

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Mote Marine Laboratory

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