Through conversation and education, fighting the negative stereotypes that fuel discrimination.

The Problem

We all do it from time to time – make assumptions about other people based on stereotypes and misconceptions, judging others by their mannerisms, accents, physical characteristics, or religious beliefs. All too often, media feed and amplify these misconceptions, shaping the way societies view marginal and minority communities. Worse still, the stereotyping impulse can lead to prejudice, discrimination, hatred, and even violence toward those perceived as “different.”

The Solution

The goal of Redefy is to "boldly defy stereotypes, embrace acceptance, redefine our perspectives positively, and create an active community." An organization “by teenagers for teenagers,” Redefy shares stories of discrimination, injustice, and struggle on its website and social media, and provides resources to schools across the US and around the world to prevent the development of hateful ideas, on the premise that “all hate stems from ignorance and that, through conversation and education, acceptance will prevail.” The organization was recognized by President Obama for its social justice work. Teen founder Ziad Ahmed says, “People are so much more multi-dimensional than one thing. It’s OK to be whoever you are.”

Stage of Development

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