Racial Equity

Racial Equity

Find your local Black Lives Matter chapter and join. Black Lives Matter has grown these last few years from a fledgling protest organization to a ubiquitous movement with political aspirations. But to keep the momentum going, the organization is dependent upon strong, local support. By connecting with a local chapter, you can play an integral role in helping to organize future actions, campaigns, and demonstrations.

Become a mentor through Mentor.org, a national mentoring organization that works to close both the achievement and mentoring gap here in United States. Mentor.org will provide you with extensive training and resources, so that you can seamlessly transition into the role of a mentor for a kid in need.

Do you want to help organize more white people for the cause of racial equity? Then join SURJ, an organization that heeded the Black Lives Matter’s call for more white people to organize around anti-racism. SURJ is looking for support in all kinds of areas: social media, fundraising, organizing, training facilitation, and graphic design.

Racial Equity

Black lives continue to be systematically discriminated against and unjustly targeted. Today, in 2017, Black people are two and a half times more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer, and they are five times more likely to be incarcerated when booked with a crime. In this unjust and racist society, we must come together and fight against the unacceptable status quo. We must champion their humanity and highlight the many contributions they make to our society and culture. We must work tirelessly to close the educational achievement gap. And, above all, we must do better!


To end racial discrimination and racial profiling in the United States.


  • Black Lives Matter : An international activist organization that campaigns against systemic racism.
  • Funders for Justice : A national network of funders who work to support grassroots organizations that focus on racial / gender / and community justice.
  • Higher Heights : An organization that harnesses the collective political power of Black women.
  • NAACP : A civil rights organization that works to promote justice for African Americans.
  • SURJ : A grassroots organization that mobilizes white people to take action in pursuit of racial justice.
  • Executive Leadership Council : A member-based organization that prepares the next generation of corporate leaders.
  • National Council of Negro Women Inc. : A nonprofit organization with the mission to advance the quality of life for African American women / their families / and their communities.
  • National Urban League : A nonpartisan civil rights organization that advocates on behalf of African Americans.
  • 100 Black Men of America : A publication that features articles and news pertinent to the development of African American leaders.
  • Mentor : A national nonprofit organization that seeks to close the achievement gap by helping to facilitate mentoring connections.
  • Injustice Boycott : Organization focused on ending racial injustice and police brutality.

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