State Elections

State Elections

Find when and where your State Democratic Committee meets and show up to their next meeting. Your state DNC party will know how you can most effectively get involved in your community, and by attending, you will make invaluable contacts that will be of value, regardless of the direction your activism takes.

Download the ThinkVoting App to learn all about the local elections happening in your voting district. The Think Voting App gives you the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, and “how” for each forthcoming election. Be informed, so that you, in turn, can inform others.

If your state is already solidly blue, then consider joining Flippable, an organization that focuses on local, swing elections. Flippable will tell you which state and local races are important to the DNC’s national Democratic strategy. They will give you the low-down on all the candidates, and let you know how to get involved, either locally or virtually.

State Elections

The Democratic party can not remain a strong, national force, if it does not have a strong foundation of state and municipal leaders to back it up. Since the emergence of the Tea Party during the 2012 midterm election, the democratic party has essentially been gutted at the local levels of governance. The GOP currently controls 33 gubernatorial offices and 32 state legislators (i.e. controlling both the house and the senate). If the Republicans can hold onto such a hegemonic majority till the end of the decade, then they will have significant power over the redistricting process that follows the 2020 census. If that were to happen, then the Democratic party would be subjugated to another decade of Republican rule at all levels.


To return the presence of Democrats in state legislators to pre-2012 levels by the end of 2017.


  • Democratic National Committee : a formal body of the Democratic Party that coordinates election strategy at the local / state / and Federal levels.
  • Flippable : a grassroots organization focused on flipping conservative state legislative seats blue to safeguard the Democratic party from further gerrymandering.
  • ThinkVoting : a mobile app tool that consolidates the essential information of upcoming elections in your local neighborhood.
  • Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee : a national committee of the Democratic party that focuses on providing strategic and financial support to local democratic candidates running for public office.
  • Ballot Initiative Strategy Center : an advocacy organization that tries to encourage voters to go to the polls by running strategic ballot initiatives that will help get out the vote.
  • State Innovation Exchange (Six) : a nonprofit organization that supports local political candidates who fight for working families and who strengthen American democracy.

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