Run for Office

Run for Office

Attend Camp Wellstone. Camp Wellstone started in 2003, and is open to absolutely anyone interested in developing the practical skills needed for undertaking progressive political action. Wellstone trains candidates, campaign workers, and organizers on how to win progressive change. Camp Wellstone has a proven track-record. They have trained 86,000 progressive leaders, propelled 1,000 alumni into office, and have guided 4,500 successful campaigns.

Run for Something is an organization that helps recruit and support talented, passionate, young (under 35), progressives who want to run for office. Their vision is to create a strong bench of Democratic talent across the country. If you meet those two criteria, Run for Something will talk you through the process, connect you with training organizations, and even (in some cases) provide financial support.

There are a number of organizations dedicated to helping progressive women run for office including Emerge, She Should Run, and Emily’s List. She Should Run also provides a service for those who foresee running for office someday, but do not feel ready just yet; She Should Run offers a set of online modules to help you develop the skills and mindset needed to run for political office.

Run for Office

Donald Trump rose to prominence because the American electorate lost faith in their elected officials and career politicians. If only we had more respectable trustworthy people in office, we could have perhaps avoided this conundrum. If only we had more people like you! Wait a minute, that’s not such a bad idea. Why don’t you run for office? If we can get enough progressive and independent minds into our municipal, state, and national government institutions, then maybe the system will be more receptive to progressive change.


Have more people run for political office than ever before - with a special focus on youth, women, and minority candidates.


  • Wellstone : a progressive advocacy organization that trains community organizers and political candidates.
  • She Should Run : an organization that seeks to dramatically increase the number of female candidates running for public office.
  • Run for Office : a clearinghouse of resources for people that want to run for office.
  • Defend our Nation : an organization that seeks to encourage more military veterans to run for political office.
  • Emerge : an organization that encourages democratic women to run for public office.
  • Off the Sidelines : A call to action for women to make their voices heard on the issues they care about by running for office. Latino Victory Project
  • Our Revolution : a progressive political action coalition designed to encourage more progressives to run for office.
  • Run for Something : An organization that helps young progressives run for office.
  • Higher Heights : An organization that invests in more African American Women running for office.

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