Creating a Third Party

Creating a Third Party

Join the Democratic Socialists of America. Democratic socialists participate in a number of ways depending on the time availability, financial resources, and interests. DSA members can participate in a local chapter, join an issue-based team, or join in on a national work committee.

You could also promote the official Green Party in the U.S. There are a number of volunteering opportunities available through the Green Party including: making phone calls, fundraising, circulating petitions, web-design, research, and local party organizing.

Join the Libertarian Party. By joining the Libertarian Party you can participate in a number of ways including: organizing your community, helping with photography, helping with graphic design, writing op-eds, canvassing, phone-banking, etc.

Creating a Third Party


A majority of Americans think our political process is rigged and that the two party system does not represent the best interests of the American electorate. Perhaps it is time for a robust third party that can infuse our political system with fresh blood and new ideas. Even if the emerging third party can’t ultimately compete with the Democrats and Republicans, it can - at the very least - force progress on political issues. The concept of a strong, third-party is not foreign to American politics. In the 18th and 19th centuries, active third parties like the Bull Moose Party, were the first to champion issues like child labor laws and enacting social security. Without the Bull Moose Party, it is possible that these progressive causes would never have made it into the mainstream. A third political party might not win any elections, but it could go a long way in keeping our two established parties honest.

Third parties are not as tightly controlled as the two established parties, and as a result, you have a lot more liberty to take on a leadership position and engage in any way that you'd like. 


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