Bahamas Plastic Movement: Plastic Education and Ocean Conservation Workshop Series

Our program that takes students on a holistic journey from the problem with plastic to solutions to this environmental crisis.

The Problem

Currently plastic is the most used material by volume for industrial and commercial purposes. Unfortunately, this everyday material has made its way into almost every environment, from terrestrial to the open sea and even the most remote shorelines around the world. An estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic pollute the world’s oceans today. The immensity of this issue makes for a very difficult task to “just cleanup". Within our country of The Bahamas, proper waste management strategies are not being implemented to address the growing concern of improper plastic disposal and leakage into the environment; leaving our nation highly susceptible to severe marine debris accumulations on our shorelines. To address the issue of plastic pollution, awareness must be raised on its effects and action taken, especially in The Bahamas. Our Plastic Pollution Education and Ocean Conservation Camp provides a platform for students to learn about the issue and join forces to act.

The Solution

Bahamas Plastic Movement wishes to host a Plastic Debris and Me youth workshop in South Eleuthera, Bahamas to raise awareness of plastic pollution and prepare participants for The Bahamas’ move towards a Plastic Free Future. In addition, we aim to host a community wide Cleanup Jamboree with members of the Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera settlement. As there is a deficit in education and activism around plastic pollution in The Bahamas, we aim to (1) Engage 20 students in plastic pollution awareness through hands on activities and educational content within Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera. (2) Prepare participants for The Bahamas’ 2020 Single Use Plastic Ban by providing alternative products and tutorials on zero waste practices. (3) Coordinate a Community Cleanup Jamboree in the Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera Settlement and engage a minimum of 100 participants to remove a minimum of 200lbs of debris from the roadside and waterways of the township

Stage of Development

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