Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Working to promote responsible, sustainable aquaculture

The Problem

The planet is straining to feed a fast-growing global population, and this challenge will only grow more acute in the years ahead. A sustainable food future will necessarily include fish, the most efficient source of animal protein available. But traditional fishing methods can’t possibly meet the demand for food; 86 percent of marine fish stocks are already either fully exploited or overfished. Aquaculture, or “fish farming,” is a more sustainable approach, but presents its own problems, including water pollution, overuse of antibiotics, spread of disease, disruption of local ecosystems, and poor working conditions.

The Solution

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council works to promote responsible, better managed, and more sustainable aquaculture that can meet the global demand for food while minimizing negative environmental and social impacts. The international non-profit organization manages the world’s leading certification and labelling program for aquaculture and works with producers, processors, retail and foodservice companies and others to recognize and reward responsible farming practices and promote sustainable consumer seafood choices.

Stage of Development

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Organization to Receive Funds

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

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