SAFE: Supporting the development of autonomous vehicles

SAFE: Supporting the development of autonomous vehicles



SAFE: Supporting the development of autonomous vehicles


Self-driving cars will be a potent weapon to combat climate change

The Problem

The transportation sector is a major polluter of greenhouse gases, and it is the economic sector with the biggest net effect on climate change. Any efforts to improve the efficiency and reliability of our transportation sector, will be a major asset in our fight against climate change.

The Solution

There are a number of reasons why self-driving cars could reduce greenhouse gas emissions. First, self-driving cars will be mostly electric, which reduces carbon emissions. Secondly, self-driving cars will likely be smaller and lighter than the average car car today. Third, self-driving cars will facilitate multi-modal travel, which means that they can be the intermediary between a traveler's final destination and a train station. Finally, and most importantly, self-driving cars will always take the most efficient route to a destination, ensuring fewer energy resources are wasted on travel.

Stage of Development


Organization to Receive Funds

Shared Nation would support Securing America's Energy Future (SAFE) which is developing a series of "best practices" for driverless cars to ensure that the public's safety is a primary concern in the deployment of autonomous vehicles.

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