Climate Justice Alliance

An effort to emphasize the core role of racial justice in climate activism.

The Problem

Climate change is not an isolated problem. It is interconnected with other challenges including inequity and racial injustice. While climate change affects us all, poor communities, communities of color, and indigenous people are often most affected. These communities disproportionately live in climate-vulnerable areas and face a greater risk of getting sick or losing their livelihoods when weather disasters strike. For climate activism to truly succeed, the movement and its leadership should better reflect our society and those most affected.

The Solution

It is important to increase investment in local leadership, especially from communities of color, and better finance community proposals and solutions. It is also important to take a holistic approach to climate change, including challenges related to food, water, transportation, racism, and economic inequity. This way forward may require some difficult conversations to tackle problems of justice and equity. Climate activists should also show solidarity with all those striving for racial justice.

Stage of Development

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Organization to Receive Funds

Climate Justice Alliance & Our Power Campaign.

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