Youth Sun: Save From Suicide

In wider context of Bangladesh, to build up a people oriented socio-economic development it needs to facilitate the oppressed and poor people by featuring a combination of the economic and social development.

The Problem

Suicide zone Known Bangladesh's Jhenaidah district. The district annually around 300 people to suicide. It is unprecedented comments Responsible authorities. Since 1971 till 2016 at 40 thousand more than the numbers of suicides are expected regarding the violence. According to the investigation, after the year 2000 the number of suicides increased tried Because of improved treatment and modern communication systems Mortality rates have dropped. Psychologists say, only social problems It should not be marked. What is more, due to suicides? This area of research will be. I need to speak with people. Only some can be understood. They said the local weather, Soil, water, including the many things that can be involved. Because of the  tendency to commit suicide. According to police and hospital sources, between 2010 and 380 people have commit suicide. 2109 people and has tried. 2011 in year 309 people commit suicide, others have tried to 2849. Since 2012 of the 295 people commit suicide, 2583 people have tried. 2013 in year 311 people commit suicide, 2639 people have tried. 303 people commit suicide in 2014, 2409 and others tried. And In the year 2015 have committed suicide 363 people and tried More than 2600 people. In Bangladesh Jhenaidah those who have commit suicide Or tried Most of them are women, he said. According to hospital sources and police, 6 upazilas of Jhenaidah district At 2008 Sadar Upazila 115 people, Shailakupa 106, 71 Kaliganj upazila, Kotchandpur at 35, 62 people at Moheshpur, 63 Harinakunda Men and women commit suicide. In addition, there are a lot of events Suicide Note that there is no police record. Most suicides occurred in Sadar upazila. The district has a Shailkupa. According to the local educated society, among the people about suicide Creates awareness If it is not to be prevented In the future...

The Solution

The suicide all that seems to solve the problem. Divided against itself, Dowry, relationship Violence against women, Divided against itself, failed love, Unsuccessful experiments, relationship violence, NGO debt Failure to including various reasons have been identified. With Suicide Research organization  (Society for volunteer activities )  According to sources, The natural environment, Weather, People's quality of life. The main consideration Suicide Jhenaidah district area Came to be known. The organization's research information is mentioned, In the last 9 years 2 0 thousand people Tried to commit suicide.  In 1889 died of men and women.

According to the study, Family dispute resolution and standing next to the disappointment of support Without increasing suicides could fall. According to them, the availability of insect-killing, When suicide is influenced, Additional passion trend, Tantric fatherless society And the living out of trouble Path leads to suicide. District social welfare officer, said, "Suicides From the curse Salvation To get From society Poverty and unemployment Must be eliminated, With Socially People Awareness Will make. People here Little things Emotional With a rope around his neck Or drink pesticides to suicide. The Jhenaidah Prevent suicides Regular several Social Service Organizations meeting Is organized. But it's true Bangladesh Town Unprecedented Suicides day after day Months and Years beyond age Close to half a century but coming No action has been taken in the form of massive. Protecting people although some of the few NGOs that work it is not enough.

Planned Use Of Funds

The fund will be used for the save the people from suicide. A team will rescue the victims and refer to rehabilitation centre for their recovery of trauma. The fund will be used for the victims wellbeing and reintegrated into the family and society.

Stage of Development

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