Women Working For Oceans

Promoting healthy oceans through education that inspires advocacy and action.

The Problem

We depend on the ocean for our food, economic security and even the oxygen we breathe. But our oceans are under assault from multiple threats, including plastic and noise pollution, overfishing, and climate change, leaving fragile habitats at risk of destruction, and endangered marine species on the verge of extinction.

The Solution

Women Working for Oceans (W2O) works in partnership with the renowned New England Aquarium to inform the public about the challenges facing our ocean and inspire people to take action to ensure a healthy, sustainable blue planet. Founded in 2010 by group of Boston-based women, W2O creates opportunities for its members to engage in action at all levels —community, state and federal — engaging legislators, raising consumer awareness, and advocating for change. “Now is the time to act to save our oceans,” says co-founder Barbara Burgess.

Stage of Development

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Women Working For Oceans

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