Authenticated Reality: The New Internet

The New Internet seeks to be an authenticated online community based on trust, where every user is accountable for their actions.


The Problem

Online, it can be difficult if not impossible to know if people are who they say they are. It’s easy to hide behind fake accounts or false names, and anonymity provides cover to those out to spread lies or abuse. The result is that trust corrodes and the level of online discourse is degraded.

The Solution

“Stop the anonymity and you’ll stop 95% of the crap out there,” Chris Ciabarra, the founder of the company Authenticated Reality said in a recent interview. The company has created an online space or community —“The New Internet” — where all members are required to authenticate themselves before being granted access. Once admitted, they can authenticate and comment on stories through a browser plugin or an app, using their real, verified identity. Says Ciabarra, ”Our company has created a place where every user is personally responsible for their actions through a system of checks and balances in order to put an end to unreliable information and false identities online,"

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
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Authenticated Reality

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