New Knowledge: Fight Disinformation and Defend Your Brand

New Knowledge builds products that repair online communities, defend them against manipulation, and help them communicate more authentically.



The Problem

Companies and communities are under attack on social media by fake news and disinformation, whether from Russian bots trying to sow confusion among US voters, ISIS propagandists looking to grab media coverage, alt-right supporters spreading lies about immigrants, or other actors simply defaming brands and businesses they don’t like. Thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, disinformation is becoming more and more sophisticated. Soon, digital insurgents will be able to manufacture and disseminate mages, audio, and video on a massive scale, warping the way we interact online and threatening democracy a

The Solution

The national security, digital media, and machine learning experts that make up New Knowledge are "on a mission to defend public discourse." They seek to protect online communities and brands from social media disinformation by identifying fake accounts, fake news, and propaganda campaigns. Their technology analyzes conversations across multiple platforms and looks for signs that it’s being tampered with, identifies who is doing the tampering and what messaging they are using to manipulate the conversation. New Knowledge sends out early warnings when “bad actors” attempt to attack a brand’s reputation or manipulate its customers, and offers to conduct a “digital threat assessment” to gauge a company or community’s vulnerability to attack. The organization also supports Data for Democracy, a global community of technologists, researchers, and data scientists collaborating on social impact projects.

Stage of Development

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