An app that seeks to ensure that Australia’s political leaders hear the will of the people.

The Problem

Representative democracy in Australia has been repeatedly undermined by corruption, corporate influence, media manipulation, ideological perversion, the power of lobby groups, cronyism, and the erosion of transparency. Candidates and parties don’t ask or know what their constituents want on the majority of issues; are not held accountable for pre-election promises; approach issues through a narrow ideological lens, and are all too often swayed by moneyed interests. The result is a system which has little to do with delivering the will of the people and everything to do with power and partisanship.

The Solution

MiVote is the only current political representative mechanism that allows members to contribute to every policy under discussion. It is an information platform that presents constituents with a variety of perspectives on all major issues up for debate in the Australian Parliament via the MiVote App, and enables them to make an informed, well rounded decision on where they want the country to go. The ultimate aim is to ensure that leaders who represent the community understand the desire of that community. “The way we coexist needs to change. Imagine a world where governing was genuinely reflective of the will of the people. We can build that world.”

Stage of Development

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  • Scaling
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