Knock Every Door

Finding common ground for progressive change by talking — and listening — to those with different political views.

The Problem

A majority of Americans want to elect political representatives who will fight for economic and racial justice, a reflection of the fact that the economy isn’t working for working class white voters, working class black voters, or working class Latino voters. The corporate wing of the Democratic party has hindered the ability of progressives to organize to fight for these values. And for too long, the political establishment has favored spending resources on less effective broadcast television ads, when studies show that investing in an infrastructure for going door to door and talking to voters at scale would be much more effective. As a result, progressives have missed opportunities to talk with people who may not agree with us and find common ground.

The Solution

KnockEveryDoor seeks to build a majority of voters who will support economic and racial justice at election time. To support that goal, the volunteer-led organization is creating a nationwide community of activists to go out in communities across the country and start conversations about the progressive change our country needs. Started by progressive populists who believe in racial justice who believe that the battle for our future will be won or lost on millions of doorsteps across the country, the organization is dedicated to starting the hard work of listening to what our neighbors who don’t always vote with us have to say about politics. “If we want to win, we need to talk to everyone, everywhere because we know that our values resonate with most people when we talk about what really matters in people’s lives.”

Stage of Development

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Knock Every Door

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