Girl Up: Uniting Girls All Across the World

Girl Up: Uniting Girls All Across the World


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Girl Up: Uniting Girls All Across the World

Every girl deserves to dream, regardless of where she is born.

The Problem

In our world, there is still a major achievement gap along gender lines that keeps educational outcomes from being completely just and equitable. In many countries, more than half of girls drop out before they reach the 6th grade. The cost of going to school is also a prohibiting factor for many girls and their families. They simply can't afford the price of school supplies and traveling expenses to get to school.

The Solution

Girl Up is working with the U.N. and certain targeted countries (Ethiopia, Guatemala, Liberia, Malawi, and India) to make sure that all girls have access to a good quality education. Girls that complete their education are healthier, have more economic opportunities, and are poised to become leaders in their communities.

Stage of Development


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Girl Up

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