Girl Effect: Girl Effect Mobile Initiative

Girl Effect: Girl Effect Mobile Initiative



Girl Effect: Girl Effect Mobile Initiative

Girl Effect Mobile is a global digital platform, connecting girls to inspiring content in 60 countries and 26 languages.

The Problem

The old normal is not acceptable. Too many women in too many countries are treated like second-class citizens. 60% of girls in Pakistan never feel confident enough to speak, 84% of Ethiopian girls do not attend secondary school, and 14% of teenage girls in Ghana are already mothers. To break this systemic cycle, women need to be connected with one another so that they, together, can put forth a new pathway forward.

The Solution

Girl Effect Mobile provides women all over the world empowering content that helps them overcome the individualized barriers that they face in their day-to-day lives. The Girl Effect platform also helps build connections between young women, by working in collaboration with trusted networks and partners.

Stage of Development


Organization to Receive Funds

Girl Effect

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