Earth Justice

Holding environmental law breakers accountable — “because the Earth needs a good lawyer.”

The Problem

We live in a time of enormous environmental challenges: irreplaceable wildlife and wild places under threat; communities threatened by exposure to toxic chemicals and polluted air; the fight against climate change all but lost. The United States is a nation of strong environmental laws. But those laws are frequently overstepped by industrial, agricultural, and development interests, among others, pursuing profits at the expense of the natural world. These interests have the resources, often, to overcome resistance from environmental or public interest groups, and work their will through the legal system.

The Solution

Earthjustice works to hold environmental law-breakers accountable by providing legal representation — free of charge — to regional, national, and international organizations. The nation’s original and largest nonprofit environmental law organization, with more than a hundred attorneys in offices across the country, the Earthjustice has represented thousands of clients since its founding in 1971, from large environmental organizations like the Sierra Club and the World Wildlife Fund to smaller state and community groups. Over the years, the organization has been a key player in a number of landmark environmental cases in pursuit of its mission to preserve the wild, fight for healthy communities and promote a healthy climate.”

Stage of Development

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