The Glorious ContextuBot:

The Glorious ContextuBot will help people become better consumers of online audio and video content by supplying context.

The Problem

Every day, the public is inundated on social media by a torrent of audio and video clips tied to the news of the day, supporting (or refuting) this or that position, knocking down this or that argument. Some of this content originates from established news sources, some not. But either way, it can be hard to tell; and even when the source is known, the news consumer often has no idea when the clip was aired, whether it has been edited, or where or when or what came before and after the report. Without this context, people can easily be misled by what they are seeing and hearing.

The Solution

The Glorious ContextuBot sets out to help people become better consumers of online audio and video content, making the ‘big picture’ “as interesting as the viral one.” The tool uses “fingerprinting” technology to identify the original source of sound bites, when they have been covered on the news, and who else has discussed a clip — in other words, to supply the essential context that’s so often missing from online content and without which informed debate is impossible.

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
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The Glorious Contextubot

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