Chakr Innovations: World's First Technology to Capture Emissions from Diesel Generators

Chakr Innovations, an India based company, has created a emission capture device for diesel generators, which can capture up to 90% of the total emissions.

The Problem

The burning of diesel fuel creates exhaust gases. There can be differences in the amount of emissions generated by particular generators, but generally, the amount of kW power created by the generator is positively correlated with the amount of emissions. Thus, by knowing the rate of energy production can give an accurate calculation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO) emissions. Rest assured, diesel generators are not clean energy producers.

The Solution

Chakr Innovations have created a emission capture device for diesel generators. Their technology captures the greenhouse gas pollutions without causing any adverse impact on the environment. The pollutant is processed by Chakr's device and converted into various inks and paints - which can then be sold or donated off. In Hindu, “Chakr” means circle, and symbolizes the full circle that the pollution goes through in Chakr's device. Chakr's technology is one of a kind in that it both captures and reuses air pollution!

Stage of Development

  • Early Stage
  • Established Prototype
  • Scaling
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Chakr Innovations

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