Big Blue and You

Inspiring Florida youth to become stewards of the oceans and guardians of the environment.

The Problem

From climate change and acidification to pollution and overfishing, ecosystem collapse, the health and even survival our oceans and the life they host are under threat as never before. Young people represent the best hope for meaningful change, but too often they feel little connection to the ocean and show apathy towards current environmental challenges, even in coastal states like Florida, where the ocean is never far away.

The Solution

The Big Blue & You is dedicated to create global change by empowering and inspiring today's children and youth to become “stewards of the Oceans and guardians of the Environment” — through arts and media, leadership and service to the community. Founded by in 2012 by Daniell Washington, a recent University of Miami graduate in marine biology, the organization is built on three pillars — art, service, and mentorship — and provides a platform for young people to creatively express their passion for the ocean and empower them to take action to protect it. In an effort to draw attention to the cause, The Big Blue and You has created a number of art festivals that take entire families to the ocean and teach them about pollution and water scarcity.

Stage of Development

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Big Blue and You

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