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We all know that the world is facing massive problems, like climate change, extreme poverty and refugee crises. As individuals, we often look on and feel helpless to do anything in response. But history teaches us that large numbers of people acting together can achieve amazing things. With the Internet and other advances, collective action is possible at a scale and speed never dreamed of before.

We are launching Shared Nation so that people around the world can join forces and combine their money, time, and wisdom to identify and accelerate the best solutions to our biggest problems. We've designed ways to collective decision making that are quick, engaging, and satisfying.

We’re going to grow big, and grow fast. And yes, we’re serious about founding a new, intensely democratic, virtual country of people from around the world.  As fellow citizens with a common cause, we can become an important alternative to existing power structures that are too entrenched in the status quo to enact the change we need to save our planet and create an equitable world.

Governments, market-forces, and even well-meaning billionaires are not equipped to solve many of the world's greatest problems. We're launching Shared Nation because we believe large-scale, digitally-coordinated, collective action can achieve more than these institutions. We can have wisdom without ego. We can act swiftly, yet with tremendous deliberation. Most importantly, we can apply massive resources while being immune from special interests. In our system, nobody has enough power to be worth lobbying.