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Every month the Shared Nation community comes together around a new topic, pooling its funds and selecting a great organization to support. Each month follows roughly the same schedule -- general voting takes place for the first three weeks of the month, and in the final week of the month, a winner is selected from eight quarter-finalists.  

Here are key dates - for Shared Nation citizens and candidate organizations - for the next two months: 


October: Preventing Relationship Violence Round

  • October 1st: Round and voting begins. Each citizen gets 5 pairwise votes per week and can "favorite" as many projects as they'd like.  
  • October 22ndGeneral voting closes -- last day to cast pairwise votes before playoffs and last day to "favorite" candidate projects. Eight quarter-finalists are announced (7 highest-ranked project plus the most "favorited" project). 
  • October 23rd: Quarter Finals. Participants vote between 4 pairs of projects (8 quarter-finalists). 
  • October 24th: Semifinals. Participants vote on 4 semi-finalists. 
  • October 25th: Finals. Participants vote on final pair of projects. 
  • October 26thWinner announced.