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The Internet revolutionized banking, music, shopping, medicine and so much more. Isn’t it time it revolutionized democracy?

Shared Nation is an experiment, an attempt at true democracy on a global scale. As citizens of planet Earth, we think we all have a deep, shared stake in its fate and should have more direct influence over its destiny. By coming together and pooling money and time, we take direct action to address the needs of the planet and the people on it, supporting promising solutions to problems like climate change in a big way.

Shared Nation is empowering and engaging! We learn about the challenges the world faces, interact with one another, debate solutions and feel the satisfaction of moving fast to make important decisions that make a big difference.

In addition to being satisfying, Shared Nation has the added benefit of being easy: Individuals just have to make one simple vote each day, choosing between two candidate solutions, in order to make the whole process work! Try a sample vote now.