Vortex Bladeless: A Wind Generator Without Blades

Imagine a wind turbine without the blades. It's possible. It would need less material. It would create energy at a lower cost. It wouldn't kill birds. And it wouldn't create noise. 

The Problem

Wind Energy holds a lot of promise for the renewable energy revolution, but its not without its detractors. The biggest two concerns levied at wind energy is that it creates too much noise and that it is harmful to local wildlife. Both of these complaints are true. Birds have been killed by wind-turbines in the past - and though there have been technological advances in this regard, some local wildlife continues to be maimed by wind turbines. And noise, too, remains a concern. The closest a home is usually placed to a turbine is 300 meters, but at that range, the sound pressure is 43 decibels.

The Solution

Vortex Bladeless is Spanish based energy company that is prototyping a wind generator that generates energy without blades. Their innovation works by capturing energy through the rotational motion of the turbine. The Vortex takes advantage of what’s known as vorticity, an aerodynamic effect that occurs when wind breaks against a solid structure. The turbine starts oscillating, and, in the process, it captures the energy that is produced. Vortex Bladeless has also deliberately designed its turbine to be as close to noiseless as possible; respecting the people that live in close proximity and the natural environment that it is in.

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